Hot Air Recirculation

CHE’s design of dryers with recirculating air is based on know-how and experience from forced recirculating furnaces in the metallurgical industry with high efficiency heating and temperature uniformity.

Any Energy Source can be Applied

The dryer can be powered by direct electric heating, or by excess energy from a gas or oil -fired furnace. In the latter case the flue gases from the galvanizing furnace is led through a heat exchanger before exiting through the chimney. The heat exchanger then heats the air to the dryer.

Covers and Lids

For reduced energy consumption or for high temperature operation, the driers can be equipped with covers or doors with automatic drives. The CHE driers are equipped with automatic temperature control systems.

Recirculation Fans

The dryers are equipped with recirculation fans which supply the dryer with high velocity air through air nozzles in the air supply channels. Separate air channels return the recirculating air to the recirculation fans.

Reduced Zinc Consumption

The installation of a dryer will result in considerable reduction of flux fume and zinc splashes during the dipping, along with less formation of dross and zinc ash. Furthermore, it reduces zinc consumption and energy consumption, increasing the capacity of the galvanizing plant and saving costs.

Turbo Dryer

Our turbo dryer is designed for extremely short heat-up time. It is equipped with high heating power, and provides high velocity air convection. Applied in special alloy galvanizing.


  • Custom Designed Solutions
  • Can use Heat from Galvanizing Furnace
  • Direct or Indirect Gas Heating
  • Drying reduces Zinc Consumption