Electric Resistance Heated Hot-Dip Galvanizing Furnace with Radiant Wall

Removable Heating Elements

The kettle is heated through a system of separate panels with ribbon heating elements from Cr20Ni80 alloy. There is one connection terminal only for each panel. The panels can be removed separately for service with minimal interruption of production.

Radiant Wall with Reduced Risk of Hot Spots

The system of heating panels creates a radiant wall against the kettle. This ensures optimal conditions for extended life of the kettle.

Minimum Heat Losses and High Efficiency

The furnace is lined with high temperature ceramic fibre, to minimize the heat losses from the furnace. The kettle top flange is insulated in order to reduce heat emission from the flange surface. Electric resistance heating results in high thermal efficiency. No energy loss due to cooling equipment as with induction heating and no flue gas heat loss as with combustion heating.

Furnace and Kettle as Separate Units

The furnace is constructed as a separate unit. The steel kettle can be lifted out without removing the heating system or furnace walls.

Temperature Control on Kettle Wall

The temperature control is through indirect measurement of the zinc temperature.

Two Zone Temperature Control

The heating system can easily be divided in two zones, upper and lower zone. This can reduce possible top dross problems.

Safety Features

The control is through a PLC with a GSM modem or VPN connection. There are separate controllers for temperature protection and a Zinc leakage warning system.

  • Replaceable Heating Elements
  • Uniform Heat-up
  • No danger for Hot Spots
  • Low Energy Loss and High Effectiveness
  • Temperature Control of the Kettle Walls
  • Zinc Leakage Alarm
  • Short Installation Period
  • Furnace and steel kettle are separate units
  • Heating system is separated from the kettle
  • Simple and easy work when changing kettle
  • Low energy consumption due to small heat losses
  • Long life of heating elements
  • Heating system is accessible from the outside
  • Heating elements are easily repairable
  • Thermocouples are installed in the kettle wall, not the zinc
  • The bath temperature is controlled in 2 zones, thus reducing risk of top dross
  • Zink leakage warning system
  • Flexible furnace construction can be enlarged to accommodate larger kettles