CHE is investing a large amount of our resources into green technology. We are continuously working on further development of our products to meet the challenges and environmental requirements of the future.

CHE produces Biochar Furnaces for soil improvement and better plant growth. These furnaces takes organic material like wood chips as input, and outputs activated biochar.

Biochar is an organic product that has a surface area of hundreds of square meters per gram. This high surface area makes it an ideal habitat for microbes, so biochar is mixed into soil, something that greatly improves plant growth. As the produced biochar consists only of carbon and is put into soil, this is also a carbon-negative process that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it in the ground.

CHE Biochar Furnaces requires no heating supply, as the energy from the input material usually is more than enough to drive the process. The reaction even produces excess energy, something that can power other units like furnaces, dryers, or provide heating for homes and factories.